Celebrities Who Turned Their Lovers Into Superstars-Cupid Struck And Fame Rose !

Relationships are supposed to make you stronger. They make you turn in to worth while persons and teach you a lot more than just loving and being together. Often, when fate smiles bright on couples, either of them turn out to be the other’s lucky charm. These lucky charms help their better halves get success, smooth sailing and everything else that love could ever have in store. Check out top celebrities who have turned their lovers into superstars. Some achieve success the hard way; some have it through the way of love. Of course, talent and prowess take you ahead of others but Cupid sure has certain tricks that brighten the career for one half of a couple. Check out these lucky couples – some are so in love even after decades while some have taken the Splits villa route but one half of each couple sure turned their lovers into superstars.

Kim Kardashian-Ray J

The couple got infamous for their scandalous lovemaking tapes, yes but then who cares when the world is at your feet? The tapes made Kardashian a brand name and a diva to reckon with. Ray J got her contacts so far fetched and deal scopes so myriad that today Kim has a show on her family, her clothing lines and even her silly selfies are ruling the world.

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Celebrities Who Turned Their Lovers Into Superstars-Cupid Struck And Fame Rose !