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5 Reasons Why Couples Breakup!

People being together and then they live happily ever after is a great story in an ideal case situation. But when our relationships fail, we always wonder what best we could have done to save it.

The funny thing about relationships is that we tend to attract the same type of people in our lives over and over again. And somewhere relationships with them never go till the end as we expect the other person to adjust to everything that we are.

Never do we stand up to the fact that if something went wrong, maybe you are at fault too. Below given are a few reasons why most couples breakup –


It’s easy to jump the gun when no one is taking a note of it. But if your partner has a hint that you are going behind their back and doing something that you shouldn’t, it sows the seeds for distrust and thus becomes the main factor for the relationship not working out.

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5 Reasons Why Couples Breakup!